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mediAvatar Video Converter Pro is a powerful video conversion tool
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mediAvatar Video Converter Pro is a powerful video conversion tool with plenty of interesting features. The application works really well and offers support for most video and audio formats. Besides its conversion capabilities, it includes editing functions to customize your videos.

The application is capable of converting from and to most of the video and audio formats used nowadays, including HD video. To convert your files, you only select the videos you want to convert and pick an output profile. There are dozens of preset profiles to choose from - with optimized settings for portable media players, mobile phones, and game consoles, as well as general video formats, offering users with little experience an easier way to complete basic conversion tasks. Advanced options are also available, so seasoned users can play with the different video and audio settings. The app can output a single video into several formats in one go and convert a number of files simultaneously.

Before converting, you can clip your video or apply effects, adjust brightness, contrast, etc. A very interesting feature is the program's 3D converter, which is capable of converting 2D videos into Red/Cyan anaglyph 3D videos.

As far as performance goes, the application did a very good job during my test; my videos were converted fast and looked excellent. From the settings, the application lets you choose the number of CPU cores you want to use for your conversion tasks. And users with CUDA/AMD APP-enabled graphics cards can enable GPU acceleration to improve the app's performance.

All in all, a powerful tool supporting virtually all the video and audio formats you can think of, with a set of additional features that make it much more than a simple video converter.

Mariel Rearte
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  • User friendly
  • Supports virtually all formats
  • Preset profiles make conversion really easy
  • Supports GPU acceleration
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Video editor
  • Batch conversions


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